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    Making a Booking

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    Choose Your Destination

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    Luggage / Extras

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    Payments / Refunds

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    General FAQ

General FAQ

If your driver doesn't arrive promptly, please reach out to us immediately, preferably within 5 minutes of the scheduled pickup time, for further assistance.

Booking a private transfer provides you with a tailored and reliable travel experience. Unlike standard taxis, our pre-booked transfer ensures a dedicated chauffeur and vehicle exclusively for your group. This means timely pickups, no waiting in queues, and direct transportation to your chosen destination, guaranteeing peace of mind and convenience throughout your journey.

To secure a discount code, consider subscribing to our newsletter, following our social media platforms, or occasionally checking our website for ongoing promotions. Additionally, we often include discount codes with bookings made directly on our website. It's important to note that these codes are generally applicable for new bookings and cannot be retroactively applied to existing reservations.

During Travelling

For airport pickups, head to the arrivals hall where your driver will be waiting for you holding a sign or a tablet showing the lead passenger's name. For transfers from a port or train station, we'll meet you at the closest designated pickup location. For accommodations, you'll find your driver either at the reception or outside the building.

For airport transfers, our drivers track flight arrivals. They'll be ready to pick you up after you clear passport control and collect your luggage. If you encounter any delays with your passport or baggage, please promptly contact the provided driver number. Otherwise, the driver will depart after a reasonable wait time. At cruise ports and train stations, the driver waits up to 20 minutes past the scheduled pick-up time. For transfers from accommodations or other locations, the wait time extends up to 15 minutes after the chosen pick-up time.

If your flight is delayed, our drivers monitor flight arrivals. They'll be ready to pick you up after you clear passport control and collect your luggage. If your train or ship is delayed, we kindly ask you to contact our Customer Service as soon as possible to explore rescheduling options for your transfer.

If your flight arrives early, our drivers monitor flight schedules. They will be prepared to pick you up upon your actual arrival. If your train or ship arrives early, please proceed to the designated meeting point as indicated on your Confirmation. Kindly wait there until the original pickup time.

Reach out to the driver using the provided contact number. Alternatively, you can contact our Customer Service, whose details are available on your Confirmation, for further assistance.

We may need to contact you, especially in emergencies, such as if your driver encounters challenges finding you during pickup.

If you miss your flight, immediately reach out to our Customer Service using the contact number provided in your booking confirmation for assistance.

Making a Booking

When booking your taxi transfer, you have the option to choose from a variety of vehicles to suit your specific needs and group size. This can range from economy sedans to spacious minibuses. It's important to take into account the number of passengers and amount of luggage you have when selecting your vehicle. This will ensure that you have enough space and comfort for your journey. You can easily select the vehicle that best fits your requirements during the booking process.

Booking a return transfer is easy and convenient. You have two options to choose from: 1.Select the round-trip option during the booking process and enter your departure and return information. Our system will automatically schedule both legs of your journey for you. 2.Alternatively, you can make separate bookings for your outbound and return journeys.

On our homepage, enter your pickup and drop-off locations, along with your desired date, time, and passenger count. If you need a round trip, specify the return date and time as well. Click the 'search' button to view available vehicle options, costs, trip distances, and durations. Select your preferred vehicle type from the displayed options. Proceed to the 'Extras & Details' section to provide essential information such as your name, contact details, and additional specifics based on your pickup location (e.g., flight number for airports, ferry name for ports, or hotel name for accommodations). Here, you can also customize your transfer with extras like baby or child seats, choose between a receipt or invoice, and enter your billing information. Finalize your booking by selecting a payment method—options include PayPal or Stripe. Upon completion, you'll receive a voucher confirming your booking details.

For the utmost safety and comfort of your young ones, we offer the provision to request child seats during your transfer booking. When making your reservation, ensure to include any babies or children in your total passenger count. Within the booking process, you'll have the opportunity to specify your need for a child seat and select the appropriate type. Please be aware that each child seat incurs an additional fee of 5 Euros, which will be added to your total transfer cost.

When you reach the 'Payment' section during checkout, you'll find a designated area labeled 'Discount Coupon.' Simply click on this option, enter the unique coupon code you've received, and hit 'Apply.' The system will then automatically deduct the discount from your initial quoted amount.

Yes, absolutely! To book a one-way trip, simply leave the 'Add Return' field blank when filling out the search form on our website.

For each passenger seat in your chosen vehicle, you're entitled to one medium-sized suitcase and one piece of hand luggage, like a handbag or a compact bag such as a camera or laptop case. Please note that carry-on suitcases are categorized as full-sized luggage, not hand luggage. Your luggage allowance corresponds to the vehicle size you reserve. For instance, a 3-seater taxi can accommodate three medium-sized suitcases and three small hand luggage items. If you're uncertain about fitting your luggage, we recommend upgrading to a larger vehicle to ensure a comfortable and hassle-free journey.

If your group is arriving at different times on separate flights, just enter the details for the last flight when you book. Pick a pickup time that gives everyone enough time to meet up and connect with your driver.

For safety reasons, we require minors to travel with at least one adult. They cannot travel or make bookings independently.

As a general guideline, aim to be at the airport a minimum of 2 hours before your flight takes off. It's also wise to include an extra 20% of the expected transfer time to account for potential delays. For example, if your anticipated transfer takes 40 minutes, factoring in an additional 20% (or 10 minutes) means you should plan your pickup for about 2 hours and 50 minutes prior to your flight's scheduled departure.

If your flight is delayed by up to 8 hours, you won't incur any additional charges.

Choose Your Destination

Before Travelling

Once you've received an email containing your booking reference and confirmation, there's no need for any further confirmation. Additionally, you won't need to reconfirm your return transfer.

If you cant print your confirmation, simply display your online voucher on your mobile device to show the driver.

If you haven't received your booking confirmation or voucher, start by logging into your account and checking your 'My Bookings' section on our website. Typically, your booking confirmation, along with the voucher, is emailed to you within a few hours after you've made the payment. Don't forget to look in your spam or junk folder, as sometimes our emails might land there. Before you travel, ensure you've checked your email, as we might contact you to confirm booking details or share additional information.

For assistance, reach out to our Customer Service team either by emailing us or using the contact number provided in your confirmation email.

You'll receive the chauffeur's name and phone number via SMS and email one hour before your scheduled pickup.

Luggage / Extras

For safety reasons, child seats are essential as they align with legal requirements, and not using them can result in penalties. At TransferRadar, we place a high emphasis on child safety. When booking your transfer, you have the flexibility to select a suitable seat for your child—whether it's an infant seat (0-1 years old), child seat (1-5 years old), or booster seat (5-12 years old). These options come with an additional charge of 5 euros and can be chosen after selecting your vehicle class.

Our vehicles are designed to accommodate one medium-sized suitcase and one handbag per passenger seat. If you intend to bring a baby stroller, it's essential to take it into account when choosing your vehicle. Depending on the stroller's size, you should select a vehicle that can accommodate it, typically equating it to at least the size of a medium suitcase.

Each passenger seat includes space for one medium-sized suitcase and one handbag, already factored into your transfer price. If you exceed this luggage allowance per seat and need a larger vehicle to accommodate the extra items, you'll need to opt for a bigger vehicle category.

You are welcome to bring your own child seat with no extra charge. If you prefer to bring your own child or baby seat, please mention this in the comments section during the booking process. Kindly note that if you are traveling with a baby or child, they should be included in the total number of travelers.

Absolutely, you can bring your foldable wheelchair without any extra fees. Just ensure you choose a vehicle that can comfortably fit all passengers, luggage, and your wheelchair.

Payments / Refunds

Yes, absolutely! Navigate to the top right corner of our homepage to switch to your desired currency. While you'll see the prices displayed in multiple currencies for your convenience, please note that all transactions are processed in Euros. We update our exchange rates daily without any extra fees on our end. However, do be aware that your bank or credit card provider might apply their own currency conversion charges.

You'll need to make the full payment when you finalize your booking on our website. Choose your preferred payment method during the checkout process. You will need to accept the Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy before you may proceed with your booking. After completing your online payment, we'll promptly send your booking voucher via email, and you're all set! We accommodate a variety of payment options, including PayPal and major debit/credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Discover, Diners and American Express. These payment methods are available for customers worldwide.

Sure, during the booking process on the 'Extras and Details' page, there's a specific section labeled 'Billing Details.' Here, you can opt to receive either a receipt or an invoice. Select 'invoice' and provide your company's details.

You can receive a refund if you cancel your transfer 24 hours or more before the scheduled pickup time. To verify the refund status, please contact your financial institution (such as your bank or PayPal) and review your billing account. Unfortunately, if you cancel a transfer within less than 24 hours of the pickup time, we regret to inform you that no compensation or refund will be provided.

Typically, we process refunds on the same day as your transfer cancellation. However, it may take anywhere from 3 to 5 business days for the refunded amount to reflect in your bank account or reverse on your credit card statement, depending on your financial institution's processing time. To confirm the refund status, please contact your bank or PayPal directly and check your billing account.

While our rates don't automatically include a tip for the driver, showing appreciation for exceptional service is entirely up to you. Our drivers greatly value any additional gesture of gratitude!

Changes / Cancellations

The process of cancelling a transfer booked with TransferRadar is straightforward and simple. Start by logging into your account on our website using your credentials. Navigate to the 'Bookings' tab at the top of the page, locate the specific transfer you'd like to cancel, and click on it. From there, select the 'Cancel This Transfer' option and confirm your decision. You can expect a refund within 3 to 5 business days. Keep in mind, if your booking includes a return trip, each leg must be canceled individually. Please be aware that we don't offer refunds for cancellations made less than 24 hours before the scheduled pickup, in line with our Terms of Use.

Making changes to your booked transfer is quick and easy. Log in to your account on our website using your credentials and head to the 'Bookings' tab at the top. Find the specific transfer you want to modify and click on it. Choose the 'Edit This Transfer' option, make the desired changes, and click 'Save Changes.' Your booking is now updated! Both TransferRadar and your assigned driver will be informed of the changes and adjust accordingly. Please note that changes affecting the price, such as vehicle type, pickup/drop-off points, or extra services, cannot be modified directly. If such adjustments are needed, you must cancel your existing transfer and make a new reservation. Remember, cancellations with refunds are permissible up to 24 hours before your scheduled pickup time. Changes that are allowable include updating details like email address, phone number, lead passenger name, billing details, airline details, flight number, originating airport, and accommodation information.

If you wish to add an extra passenger to your existing transfer and the total number of passengers and pieces of luggage does not surpass the vehicle's capacity, you can easily make this adjustment. Just navigate to your booking, edit the details, and leave a note for the driver in the 'Comments' section. However, if adding the extra passenger would exceed the vehicle's capacity, you'll need to cancel your current booking and reserve a larger vehicle.