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Experience top-notch convenience with TransferRadar's leading private taxi transfers to and from Kalamata Airport in Peloponnese. Our swift transfers guarantee you arrive at your destination on time, offering a smooth journey tailored just for you. Whether you're heading to a city center hotel, a coastal resort, or exploring the beautiful Peloponnese region, we'll get you there without the stress. Greet your friendly, English-speaking driver upon arrival, holding a sign with your name. We track your flight and adjust for delays, eliminating the need to wait in taxi queues. Relax as your friendly driver handles your luggage while you focus on the excitement ahead.


Considering a transfer from the nearest airport?

If you're looking for a convenient transfer option from the nearest airport, Araxos Airport is the closest airport to Kalamata Airport. Covering a distance of 178 km, our efficient transfer service allows you to reach your destination in just 142 minutes. 


Seeking a transfer from the nearest port?

If you're seeking a seamless transfer from the nearest port, Kalamata Port is the closest port to Kalamata Airport, covering a distance of 9 km. With our efficient transfer service, you can ensure you reach your destination in just 13 minutes.


Why opt for a private taxi service over alternative transportation options?

Public transportation, taxis, and rideshares, though seemingly convenient, often pose challenges like unpredictability, longer travel times, and potential inconveniences. Our private taxi service eliminates these concerns, providing a reliable, comfortable, and stress-free alternative tailored to your schedule.


Safety, Comfort, and Satisfaction

At TransferRadar, we prioritize your safety, comfort, and satisfaction. Choose from our fleet of clean, air-conditioned vehicles, including sedans, SUVs, and spacious minivans, accommodating various group sizes and budgets. Customize your reservation with extras like baby seats for a safe journey. Our professional, English-speaking drivers go beyond transportation, assisting with luggage and providing insights about local attractions.


Effortless Booking

Booking your private taxi transfer to or from Kalamata Airport is simple and convenient. Whether online or via a call, our 24/7 availability ensures prompt and reliable service anytime, anywhere.


Affordable Luxury

Concerned about affordability? We offer transparent pricing, competitive rates and budget-friendly options without compromising quality or convenience. No hidden fees, no surprises – just upfront fares that fit your travel style. Search for reputable private car services, read reviews, and compare prices to discover the value we offer.


Reliability and Comfort

In summary, TransferRadar is the optimal choice for a sophisticated blend of reliability, comfort, and personalized service for your Kalamata Airport taxi transfer. Don't settle for less—experience a seamless, stress-free journey with TransferRadar. Book your private taxi transfer today and elevate your travel experience to or from Kalamata Airport!

Destinations from Kalamata Airport

  • Kalamata Airport
    Alkionis Beach
    • 601km/373 Miles
    • 12h 19m
    • 648.60
  • Kalamata Airport
    Hotel Hercules
    • 107km/66 Miles
    • 1h 29m
    • 148.40
  • Kalamata Airport
    Armiriki Apartments
    • 124km/77 Miles
    • 1h 44m
    • 168.80
  • Kalamata Airport
    Akrata Beach Hotel
    • 213km/132 Miles
    • 2h 10m
    • 260.60
  • Kalamata Airport
    Nectar Pylos
    • 46km/28 Miles
    • 0h 55m
    • 75.20
  • Kalamata Airport
    The Hidden Paradise VIlla
    • 251km/155 Miles
    • 2h 35m
    • 298.60
  • Kalamata Airport
    • 97km/60 Miles
    • 2h 1m
    • 136.40
  • Kalamata Airport
    Belfry House Nafplio
    • 139km/86 Miles
    • 1h 40m
    • 186.60
  • Kalamata Airport
    Akrolithi Boutique Hotel & Suites
    • 83km/51 Miles
    • 1h 43m
    • 119.60
  • Kalamata Airport
    Poros home
    • 223km/138 Miles
    • 3h 24m
    • 270.60

Airport Close to Kalamata Airport

Port Close to Kalamata Airport

Kalamata Airport On The Map

Explore Kalamata Airport: Your Entrance to Southern Greece

Situated by the picturesque Pamisos River, Kalamata Airport (KLX) is a crucial entry point to the stunning southern Greece region. Originally established as a Hellenic Air Force base in 1959, the airport now connects travelers to various destinations, including the UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, and The Netherlands. Nestled between Mt Taygetos and the Gulf of Messinia, it provides a scenic backdrop for your journey, serving as a vital link to the wonders of the Peloponnese.


Attractions Near Kalamata Airport:

Take advantage of the airport's proximity to Kalamata, the capital of Messinia, blending modernity with rich history and vibrant nightlife. Explore the city center adorned with cafes, fine restaurants, and historic buildings. A leisurely stroll from the Kastro to Aristomenos Square unveils an inviting beach, offering panoramic views of the Messenian Gulf.

Venture further to discover the treasures of the region, including the captivating towns of Stoupa and Kardamili in the rugged Mani Peninsula, known for traditional stone tower-houses and stunning landscapes. Explore historical sites like Pylos, featuring the iconic Niokastro Castle, and picturesque towns of Methoni and Koroni, each with medieval fortifications and unique charm.

For leisure seekers, indulge in a luxurious escape at Costa Navarino, a renowned resort with world-class hotel facilities and golf courses. The Costa Navarino Golf Course, set against the backdrop of Navarino Bay, offers a stunning and challenging golfing experience.


Transportation Options from Kalamata Airport:

Public Buses: Exploring attractions may be challenging due to irregular and unreliable public bus service. While the extensive bus network connects the airport to Kalamata city center and beyond, schedules may vary, requiring patience and adaptability.

Taxis: Taxis, readily available at the airport, provide a convenient and direct option for transfers. Professionally operated, white-colored taxis offer a comfortable and reliable mode of transportation. Ensure the meter is started correctly to avoid potential scams. Fixed fares apply for trips within the city, providing transparency and convenience.

Private Transfers: Elevate your travel experience with private transfers. Pre-book online to secure your preferred vehicle, ranging from sedans to spacious vans, ensuring a tailored journey for individuals, families, or groups. Experience the convenience of a dedicated driver awaiting your arrival, equipped with flight monitoring for real-time adjustments. This premium service guarantees a seamless, stress-free transfer to your destination, allowing you to relax and immerse yourself in the beauty of southern Greece.

Frequently Asked Questions

The closest airport to Kalamata Airport is Araxos Airport.

The closest port to Kalamata Airport is Kalamata Port.

Simply navigate to the search form at the top of this page. Input your desired pick-up location, date, time, drop off location and the number of passengers. Click 'search,' and you'll be presented with top offers from various vehicle options for your taxi transfer from or to Kalamata Airport. Select the option that best fits your requirements and continue to the payment.

When arranging your taxi transfer, you have the option to choose from a variety of vehicles to suit your group size and preferences. Whether you're looking for economy sedans or spacious minivans, there's an option for every need. Consider the number of travelers and luggage to guarantee a comfortable and spacious ride. Simply choose the ideal vehicle that matches your needs when making your reservation.

When making your reservation, make sure to include babies or children in your total passenger count. During the booking process, you'll have the chance to indicate your requirement for a child seat and choose the suitable type.